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Family Room
Family Room
Guests Room
Guests Room
Guests Room
Guests Room
Living Room

Living Room

“Tanju” – Typical Bidayuh longhouse varendah in Annah Rais

Crystal clear and pristine river of Annah Rais
The very own Bidayuh bamboo bridge
Strong structure of the bridge built with bamboo and robe
Bamboo also used for building raft
Commuting by river in the traditional Bidayuh’s style
Bamboo Rafting
Performing the Bidayuh Traditional Dance in full costume

Guests are invited to participate in the Bidayuh traditional dance
Photo taking in the traditional Bidayuh costume
Beautiful Bidayuh lass
The late Mr. Payang in the traditional Bidayuh Warrior costume
Pingasan'k, Annah Rais very own musicians who are actively reviving our traditional music and instruments
Guests are welcomed in learning to play the traditional musical instrument

"“Panggah” or a traditional community hall where all the warriors used to gather to watch for enemies.   
“Trophies” inherited from our ancestors

Spectacular waterfall
Beautiful scenery
One of the interesting waterfalls found in Annah Rais

Natural water massage

Natural hot spring pool

Annah Rais very own natural hot spring

 Soaking in the natural spa

 Natural hot spring found in a cool and crystal clear river

Taking a dip in a refreshing and crystal clear river

One of the clear mountain streams

One of the waterfalls found in Annah Rais

 A short visit to the hill paddy farm

 Making a pit stop while on the jungle trekking
Traditional way of cooking the renowned bamboo chicken  and rice   

 Bidayuh delicacies served
Picnic Lunch 

Drying of rubber sheets

 Traditional sugar cane juicer