Activites and Attractions

Long Trail – Hike the jungle trails into the tropical rainforest, to the spectacular Biduan Waterfall. The trail will come across with the flora & fauna, local fruit trees, rice farm with cash crops (pumpkin, cucumber, sweet corn etc), wild insect, wild flowers. Along the trail, your experience local guide will explain about the surrounding jungle and how the locals use the natural resources made available to complement their daily for both consumptions and general use. Experience walking on a bamboo bridge yourself, an ancient technology to connect two sides of banks divided by a rivers or valley as you trek about 2 hours to the waterfall.

Short Trail – For this activity, get a closer look and in touch with the local crops like tapioca, yams, ginger, banana and get the opportunity to taste the local sugar cane. Besides, you will to see the traps set up by the locals and man-made beehives. It will take about 45 minutes jungle trekking to the rapids and pools.

Spectacular 3-tier waterfall – Located about 2 hours by jungle trekking, the natural Biduan Waterfall is situated in the primary jungle with beautiful scenery. Try the waterfall massage or simply dip in the refreshing cool pool.

Annah Rais Hot Spring – This natural jungle spa is about 10 minutes drive, journey from the longhouse. Located in the river with running crystal clear mountain water, and colorful small pebble stones on the riverbeds. Here you can find peace of mind with ease and comfort.

Bamboo rafting / River Safari – Experience building your own bamboo raft, to be used for safari in the clear water. Enjoy the pleasure of sight seeing the exquisiteness of the tropical rainforest, beautiful mountain scenery and take the opportunity to do fishing in the traditional way by using nets and fish gun.

Guided Longhouse Tour – Explore the well-preserved traditional bamboo longhouse. An opportunity to study the unique architectural and the history of the longhouse. Visit the panggah or “head house” to see the “trophies”, the gift from Sultan of Brunei and visit other families in the longhouse to learn about the local lifestyle.

Cultural Show – Guest will be entertained with the Bidayuh traditional dance and musical instrument made by bamboo by the locals who will showcase their skills and talent. Guests are most welcome to participate in the dance with traditional dress on. Thereafter, get the chance to learn the musical instrument and join the “jamming” session. Guest will be served with the rice wine.